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Possible World

Accessibility consulting and training, serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas

The law requires you to make certain accommodations—and your employees, customers and community expect it. But navigating the world of accessibility requirements, advancements and opportunities can be a challenge.

Creating an accessible experience means creating an inclusive experience. It means that people with various abilities and disabilities can independently engage with you and your business—making it an important part of your diversity, equity and inclusion planning.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies and it can be done efficiently when you begin with an open mind and trust the experts. That includes listening to people who live with disabilities when identifying and resolving barriers, rather than guessing. It can also be as simple as a willingness to ask, “how can I help you?”

we’re here to help

We have more than eight years experience advocating for accessibility, in partnership with people living with disabilities. This includes providing consulting services to public, private and not-for-profit organizations—proactive organizations with a desire for improvement and growth. Our knowledge of provincial and federal legislation, best practices and disability culture means you don’t need to develop that unique expertise in-house in order to be successful.

Working with us: what you can expect

Possible World will partner with you and your team to develop a practical roadmap and access resources. Together, we’ll cover:

  • Why accessibility matters for your business—legally, socially and economically
  • How people with disabilities view your business
  • Accessibility gaps and creative and affordable ways to address them
  • Preparing an action plan with near and long term activities that match your customer and employee goals
  • Tools and training to build knowledge and confidence within your team
  • Opportunities to reach new markets and show them that you’re open for their business
  • Any difficult questions from you and your staff, which will be addressed with care and confidentiality

Contact us to learn how our services will work for your business and to book your free consultation today.

a passion for accessibility and inclusion

Accessibility isn’t just good business to us. Possible World founder and accessibility consultant Jennifer Sande is inspired by personal experience, a strong sense of social justice and a burning desire for inclusion.

“I had an uncle who had moderate cerebral palsy. He never left home because people believed he couldn’t. He was treated as a charity case. He had a lot to offer and was never given the chance to participate fully in the community.

“Years later, seeing how people like him are now achieving independence with a little bit of support, I have no doubt my uncle could have successfully lived independently. I can also see that his exclusion wasn’t only his loss.

“I believe we are only scratching the surface of the untapped abilities and wisdom people with differences can contribute to society.”

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Contact us today for more information and to book your free consultation.